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home for the summer 
20th-May-2006 01:59 pm
aki_made by michelle
I have been home for two days and i am already bored. I showed pj pictures of SID and let him listen to some of their music. He didn't really like it that much and he thought they looked like girls :( And of course he got smacked. hehehe.

It looks like i will be stuck at busch this year. I like working there but i really do not like the fact that i have to find ways to get there. it would so much easier if i had a car. But i don't have the money to buy one. My goal is to buy one after graduation.

I can't believe that i am going to be graduating next year, just thinking about it makes me scared and happy at the sad time. I am sad about graduating b/c i finally got a chance to hang with michelle and i will be leaving her and i finally got the courage to tell some people to shove it after a year....:/

Well i better make my senior the best year ever!!! I will have fun and i will work my ass off with my work!
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